Spies In Disguise

"Worlds Best Spy must save the world but he is turned into a pigeon and A Nerdy Officer is only helping hand"

  • Release: 25 Dec, 2019
  • Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
  • Runtime: -unknown-

Rating is not available! Movie has not released yet!!

Upcoming movie Spies in Disguise directed by Nick Bruno, Troy Quane written by Brad Copeland starring Karen Gillan, Tom Holland, Will Smith is releasing on 25 Dec, 2019

Spies in Disguise Official Trailer:

Spies in Disguise Credits

Movie NameSpies In Disguise
DirectorNick Bruno, Troy Quane
CastKaren Gillan, Tom Holland, Will Smith
WriterBrad Copeland
Music ByTheodore Shapiro
Release Date: 25 Dec, 2019
Movie GenreAnimation, Action, Adventure
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