Following are the list of frequently asked questions about movies, tv series, artics, box office in this webbsite

Can I use available pictures and other information in my website?

Yes but wait! Available information are contributed by individuals. Images and other information are the property of respective production house or studio or distribution owner. For whatsoever reason, you want to use any information then consult its real rights owner. The available information in this website are meant for education purpose only.

How can I submit article in this website?

If you are interested then you can submit article in our website. Look for 'submit article' link in the bottom section and use the form to submit an article.

Can I submit article on any topic?

No. We are accepting articles related to film making only. Any article that is related to entertainment busines, we accept. Rest are not.

Can I submit article in my regional language?

No. Currently we are acccepting articles in English Language only.

Can I submit my original written article but already published on other website?

No. We are not accepting an article partially or fully already published some where. We are looking for original articles.

Can I edit my published article for any reason?

No. You can not edit an article once it is published. However, for any reason you want portion of your article needs to be changed or removed then you can drop a message. To drop a message look for 'contact us' link in the bottom section.

Can I remove my published article in the website?

No. Under any circumstances we are not going to remove an article.

Do I get credit for my article submission?

Yes. Under the headline of a approved post article, its respective authors name is there. Author can set his/her webpage links and social links in the profile section. And also author is allowed to backlinks in the article. However we are currently not allowing affiliate links in the article.


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