About us

About us

Srikant Kumar Padhi is the admin of this website "Filmoogle.com". Admin owns and maintains this website. The sole purpose of this website is to share films, TV Series and webseries related information with the world.

About Admin

Hi. I am the admin of this website. I am a professional 3d modeling artist, video editor, blogger. I love movies. I am a web developer and app developer. I develop websites and apps for my own projects. Apart from these I am an aspiring film maker too.

How to Contact?

For whatsoever reason,if you want to contact me, then visit facebook page of this website and drop your message. I will response as soon as possible. You can find facebook page of this website at the right column of this webpage if you are viewing in a laptop or below of the webpage if you are viewing it in a mobile phone.

About My Team

I, alone maintain this website. From recording movie data to writing down articles, website maintainance I do everything. Most of the information in this website are collected from various online sources. And also I am a movie enthusiast, so by default I have always curiousity on recent release movies, new trailers, stories associated with movie making, goships that goes around the industry etc.

Can I be in the team?

Yes. You can. If you have an article to share, or want to make correction or want to add a movie or tv series or web series data, you are most welcome. Visit facebook page and drop a message. Thats it.


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